Move Eat Live Online Membership

$32.00 / month

Move Eat Live Online Membership

Join us online for weekly Yoga, Functional Fitness and Pilates sessions.

Hows it Work

  1. We film a class a week which gets added to the Move Eat Live Online members Page
  2. You can log into the website and follow along with us at home
  3. You’ll need a decent internet connection, if you can watch netflicks (or other streaming stuff) you are good to go
  4. You can watch as many classes / videos, as often as you like, whenever you like.

Full access to Our Private Online Community for via our Facebook Group

Benefits of the Facebook Group include

  1. we upload all our exercise videos into the Facebook group, so you can do all your training straight from facebook.
  2. Facebook groups are super simple to use, so no messing about, jump straight in
  3.  You’ll get full access to our Live Classes, these are classes we record live straight into the Facebook Group
  4. You can reach out to us, as your online Coaches we are here to help. You can ask us questions in the group, personal message us, and become more involved in our growing community
  5. It gives you heaps of flexibility to train when you are not next to your computer, if you get you phone handy its like having us

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