Foam Rolling and Stretching Workshop: Ballarat 24th Febuary


Hi Guys

Drew and I will be running a full day workshop on Foam Rolling and Stretching at the Ballarat Aquatic Center!

BAC has invited us to put together a workshop that will teach Fitness Professionals how to use Foam Rolling and Stretching in a class type format, aimed at either small groups, 1-2-1 sessions, or large classes.

They already have a large number of staff signed up but have opened it up to external fitness professionals.

We are in the process of submitting to go Fitness Australia and anticipate to generate 5-7 CECs. NOTE: You must be registered as a Personal Trainer in order to attain fitness Australia CECs.

In the course, you will learn

– The main trigger points on the body and how to release them with stretching and foam rolling
– A deeper understanding of the Fascia systems and their roll in mobility, flexibility, and strength (hint..very important)
– what the science is telling us about the self-myofascial release, foam rolling and stretching
-Effective stretching techniques, including CR, PNF and ART
– Mobility drills and flows perfectly for warm-ups
– Difference between mobility, flexibility, and Range of motion
– How to design a mobility, stretching and Foam rolling session for a small group, or individual
– Techniques of stretches of the major muscles groups
– Techniques of Foam rolling major soft tissue structures
– Instructions, queuing, correcting and coaching of stretching and Fr
– Importance of breathing
– the difference between yoga – pilates – gymnastics – and functionals strengthening (hint..its the same stuff, just packaged differentlY9

There will be an assessment component to qualify for CECs where you will take your peers through some FR and Stretching

You will leave the workshop with the skills and confidence to use foam rolling and stretching effectivley with 1-2-1 clients of small groups

As you can see we will be covering a lot of stuff, so we have planned for a full 8 hours in the workshop….with 70% practical hands-on and all the current science on why we do what we do interrupted into actionable and practical ways

would love to see you guys here, if you have any question or would like to reserve a spot please shoot us a message or post below

Liz & Drew