Foam Rolling and Stretching Workshop

Foam Rolling and Stretching Workshop

Ballarat February 24th 2019

Ballarat Aquatic Center

Workshop Cost is $250 - Open to all Health and Fitness Professionals

We have a limited number of spots so make sure to enrol before they all get snapped up

Learn the Art and Science of Stretching and Foam Rolling with Liz and Drew as they teach you how to craft awesome mobility,  Self myofascial release and flexibility sessions for your clients and small groups

Everyone knows that foam rolling works, but why and whats the best way to do it, and how can you use it 1-2-1 personal training or group fitness.

Join Liz and Drew on Sunday, February for a deep dive into stretching and self-myofascial release. Designed specifically for personal trainers and group fitness professionals who want to learn practical and actionable skills that they can use with their 1-2-1 clients or in group classes

Fascial Meridians

Learn how fascia is the universal connective tissue connecting the body. its unique properties and meridian lines open up a whole new way of thinking about stretching

The keys to effective stretching

what do yogis, martial artists, dancers, and gymnasts have in common...they all know how to stretch 


Learn the principles of effective stretching and how to teach it to your clients or group classes 

TIgger points

Trigger points hurt man...but why,  and what the hell are they anyway

we will take a deep dive int trigger points and how we can use a foam roller to release them

Stretch Science

What do we actually know about stretching and self myofascial does it work and whats the best way of doing it.

We've gone down the literature rabbit hole and have pulled out all the must-know bits of information to arm yourself with the most current and up to date information available

Group Flow

Learn how to combine stretching and foam rolling with mobility flows that make your sessions engaging, experimental and explorative 

Get stretchy

This is very much a hands-on workshop, be prepared to walk away feeling taller, chilled the heck out, and damn excited to take your new understanding and skills to the next level

“An intelligent approach to yoga means that, before you begin you are clear about the various aspects of the asana you wish to practice.”

The Heart of Yoga - T Desikachar

Meet the team

Daisy Dawg

My main role in this organization is to ensure the bean bag is kept warm for 8 hours a day......


Liz grew up in the gym following her mum to step classes as a kid something must have rubbed off cause now she is a Personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and remedial massage therapist


with a unique blend of exercise Physiology and Chinese medicine degrees Drew loves linking East and western Movement Medicine approaches

Arya - Aka da' Boss

My two humans are clever and know lots about exercise n stuff....long as I get my walkies I'm cool with it

So whats invloved

Sunday 24th February

Ballarat Aquatic Center 9 -5 pm

Open to All Health and Fitness Folks with a desire to learn, aimed specifically at personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga and pilates teachers.

workshop cost is $250, Enrol below to secure your spot.

CECS - The workshop is currently being reviewed by Fitness Australia for CEC. we anticipate the workshop generating 5- 7 CECs pending approval

"No need to run and hide - it's a wonderful, wonderful life."


Note, we have limited spots available as the Ballarat Aquatic Center has a large number of staff enrolled for this workshop.

for more info feel free to call Drew on 0419 874 682, or email