Core Fundamentals

Move Online: Core Fundamentals

Discover Your Body – 24-day Introduction movement with Core Fundamentals

If you are new to exercise, or if you have been working out but don’t feel right, we’ve got you covered with our Core Fundamentals Movement course

Returning from an injury, or want to improve your posture and decrease pain from tight and stiff muscles.


During this 4 week, introductory course to Core training Drew and Liz will take you step by step on how to discover your body’s movement potential.

No matter where your current physical strength and mobility lies, we’ll help you bring it back to the basics. We start by breaking down each exercise in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.

Over the 4 week course, you will be introduced to the 4 key areas of Core Training

Module 1 – Breathing: Is all about learning how to breathe. We teach you how to use your most important postural and core muscle, the diaphragm.

Module 2 -Posture: Learn how to organize your body into the 4 key postural positions we use in our Level 1 Core classes.

Module 3 – Mobility: Introduction to mobility exercises to start to get your joints moving in a gentle and safe way.

Module 4 Core Strengthening: Introduction to core strengthening exercises. Learn the basic foundation moves that get your muscles activated and stronger.

Each day you will get a lesson to work on at home. Simply watch the video of Liz and Drew taking you through the daily lesson.  Each lesson has a short quiz to help you reinforce your practice. Once you’ve completed the lesson and answered the quiz you’ll gain access to the next lesson, which will become available the next day for you.

Once complete, you  will gain access to a great 20-minute Move and Flow core session that incorporates all the exercises, moves, and drills you learned in the course, into an easy to follow sequence you can practice at home.

As you develop the foundation for strength and flexibility at home you will also be armed with the confidence to attend one of our Core Level 1 classes, or join us online with Move Online – Core level 1


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