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Then and Now

Then and Now

As someone who used to jump from diet to diet trying everything under the sun, and even getting so obsessed with one that I could not budge from the rules…..losing so much weight that I looked like I belonged in a concentration camp. Yes I was skinny. I was super skinny weighing in at 42Kgs!

People used to walk past me and say I was anorexic! I wasn’t!

I was however under the control of food, I was scared shitless of it, thinking that one little crumb outside of what my diet said I “could” eat would make me massive. I knew deep down that it wouldn’t, but there was always something there telling me that it would.

Something changed, I found the gym and exercise! I loved it and wanted more. I was training hard, thinking I could eat what I wanted! I was eating good quality healthy food, just way too much of it! I then went from being too thin, to nowhere near big, but making a good effort of getting there! I started gaining weight, and kept on gaining! Not muscle either! This was (excuse me if you’re sensitive) FAT!

More than one thing has to change! My relationship with food, and my relationship with myself!

It wasn’t a quick fix, it was, and still is something I need to work on.

Two years ago I went through our Move Eat Live Program! It gave me structure, which I like. It wasn’t obsessive or restrictive with food! It got me to focus on myself in a good way! Changing my not so good habits that I had around myself and food, replacing them with awesome habits that got me eating well and feeling good about myself.

When I showed Drew these two photos, he said he couldn’t really see much difference between the two!

Certainly not a massive transformation physically! (Although I am about 20 kgs heavier in the second picture)

There is a massive transformation…..Mentally and Emotionally!

In the first pic there is a 24 year old who spent the majority of her mental energy on worrying about food and if she was getting fat! Worrying about the workout she missed yesterday, so now she has to spend more time working out and work out harder to make up for it.  Not to mention worry even more about what she put in her mouth.

In the second photo there is a 30 year old who loves the feeling of being strong! Who loves experimenting and trying new foods! Who loves to cook and eat with people she loves. Who loves to workout not because she has to burn off what she just ate, but because it makes her feel fucking good!

I changed my mindset and built healthy habits around it. Not just with food, but with the mind as well using the Move Eat Live Program! This is something I strongly believe in. I have been through it and I know it works, and helping others overcome similar situations is something I am extremely passionate about.

Changing your health and lifestyle isn’t, and doesn’t just have to be about weight loss. It can be about many more things, like having a better relationship food, yourself and others. Eliminating stress out of your life!

Being kinder to yourself and having more energy! Soooooooo many things!