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Whole heart mind living

Kokoro Yoga Mission

We define Kokoro as whole heart-mind living.
Our mission is to create a Tribe that wants to care and serves others and the earth. To teach and train people to live a life lead by heart and an embodied mind. Honor the ancient traditions of the yoga, warriors, and healers from all over the globe. To cultivate awareness of living life with purpose in service.

Studio Practice

private lessons and training in our studio, or down at the beech

We offer private 1 - 2 -1 or small groups lessons at our studio.

To book a session email us below

Recovery Yoga

Work with Exercise Physiologist / Acupuncturist Drew, or Remedial Massage Therapist Liz

Learn how to use yoga to heal and recover under the close supervision, guidance, instruction, and coaching of Drew and Liz

Drew is a rehab specialist with 20 years experience helping folks recovery from injury and illness using Exercise as Medicine

Liz is a soft tissue therapist  and functional n movement coach whos expertise allows her to coach you on how to use yoga safely and effectively by coaching on how to do each asana and practice correctly

To book a session email us below

Online Practice

private lessons and training available over the internet

We embrace technology which allows us to connect and work with many people who may not otherwise be able too

To book a session email us below

Move Online

monthly membership

Each week we film a Kokoro Yoga session for you to follow along at home with. We post it our Private Facebook Group where you have access to it whenever you like. Super simple to use, at $32 a month its great value


Learn the core physical practices of Yoga with traditional Asana integrated with modern exercise science


Learn how to breathe correctly to balance your physiology, psychology, and movement mechanics


Learn meditation that is simple, effective and efficient. No sitting in full lotus trying to think about nothing


Learn how to look after yourself first with daily practices that allow you to get out into the world and do whats needed

We teach you how practice yoga in a way thats meaningful, fun, and accessible. If you would like to practice with us feel free to contact us to arrange a time to chat. We love to work with folks who want to take the time to really learn how to practice.

EMAIL: drew@moveeatlive.com M: 0419 874 682

EMAIL: liz@moveeatlive.com M: 0435 297 873