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Our Approach

We believe that being healthy and fit allows you to enjoy life. weather that having the energy to keep up with the kids, do that 18-day trek through the highlands of Vietnam and Thailand, or simply enjoy each day without feeling wiped out.

In today’s modern world people are busy, everyone is running around chasing their tails, and have forgotten what really important. Your health.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the gateway to enjoying a free lifestyle, where you can control how you live. It’s our Mission to help people truly achieve their vision of what a healthy lifestyle means for them

We love Coaching people to achieve this vision for themselves. there is nothing better than getting a message from one of our clients who tell us they just conquer Mt Kiliaminajroe, Personal Bests a lift in the gym, or was able to spend all afternoon out in the yard playing cricket with their kids.

Precision Nutrition is an absolute amazing coaching program, with both of us getting PN coaching ourselves, noticing the changes.

Our Story

Liz and drew met teaching a GRIT class together, they kinda eat, sleep and breath health, fitness and nutrition. It made total sense for them to keep the dynamic duo rocking and merge their health, fitness and nutrition Super Powers together to form Move Eat live

Liz and Drew run a Private studio in Ballarat Victoria where they specialize in individualized lifestyle, exercise and nutrition programs

Our dogs, Arya and Daisy ensure we get lots of walks, and fight for domination on who gets the best spot on the couch at night




Meet the Team

Write something about the people who make your business go or your philosophy behind customer service.
Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a human thing.


Liz Fulop

Head PN coach

PT, FMS Cert, PN level 1 coach

Liz grew up on the South Coast of New South Wales in Batemans Bay with her family of two older brothers, mum and dad where she spent a lot of her child hood on the beach and also in the gym.

Liz gets her love for fitness from her mum Sharyn who would take Liz along to the gym with her. Liz loved watching the group fitness classes but thought she was too shy to ever be an instructor.

Liz has always been active, doing very well in Athletics and playing Representative Netball.

Before getting into the Fitness Game Liz lived in Canberra for four years and also spent two snow seasons working/ living/ snowboarding in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.

She moved to Ballarat six years ago where she met her now partner Andrew Dowler. One of the best things she has done.

Liz now runs her own Personal Training Business, is a Massage Therapist, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor teaching LesMills GRIT, RPM, Cxworx and Body-step. Liz is also certified in the Functional Movement Screen.

Liz loves working with people and watching them achieve things that they once thought were unattainable. Getting people moving well, feeling stronger and better about themselves is Liz’s passion.


Andrew Dowler

Chief Exercise Science Geek

BapSci HM, Post Grad Ex Rehab, MA Acu

Andrew grew up on a small Victorian farm where we would often disappear for the entire day on our bike, mom would just say make sure we get home before dark. The exercise was farm work, carting in the hay, working out paddocks moving irrigation pipes by hand. The farm instilled a love for physical work, more so exercise, and soon he was training hard to join the Army. In the Army, Andrew loved the Physical training, but his body didn’t, and was discharged with multiple stress fractures in his legs. Not letting that get him down he then spent 8 years at uni studying exercise science and rehabilitation. During this time he studied martial arts, and also completed a master in Acupuncture.

During this time he studied martial arts and was lucky to be an “Indoor Student” of Master Wilson Wong, where he learned Kungfu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong , and Zen Bhuidist teachings.  A severe back injury meant Drew was no longer able to pursue the more vigorous Contact aspects of and has since focused on the Internal Martial Arts of Tai Chi, and daito ryu aikijujutsu

 Andrew also completed a Master Degree in Chinese Medcince, Acupuncture, where he specializes in Sports Acupuncture and Rehabilitation

Andrew spent 8 years working within Outpatient rehab ward being the head Exercise Physiologist. He has since spent the last 12 years working in private practice, lecturing and presenting in the health science and running his Business MoveEp

With a passion for Health, fitness and lifestyle balance Andrew coaches his clients on how to uncover roadblocks in their lives, and guides them through the process of Moving, eating and living a better life.

Andrew has Bachelors Degree in Human Movement and Sports Science, and Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation and a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine- Acupuncture


Da Doggies

Food Preparation Supervisors

Arya Dog is our beautiful blue Staffy. She is very serious about food, and the walks..oh and don’t forget to lay around on the couch, yes she likes to do that a lot as well

Dasiy Dog is our gorgeous rescue dog…we don’t actually know what type of dog she is, but we really don’t care as she is just perfect how she is. Daisy also takes  her food very seriously, in fact, it’s safe to say it her favorite time of day. She not that crazy about the early morning walks, preferring to stay in bed and sleep in. She makes up her exercise in the afternoon where she can be found in the back yard chasing birds…as yet she hasn’t caught one

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