We Love being fit, active, eating amazing food, and living life.

Meet Drew and Liz, two Aussies on a mission to share how to create your perfect lifestyle. The formula is simple, Eat real food, Move your body daily, and make sure that whatever it is you do truly serves you and others.


Being healthy fit and active dosent have to be complicated, heres our simple 4 step approach


Create a daily movement practice to get your body in tip top condition


Eat food that goves you energy and tastes amazing

When you get these four elements working then really cool things happen


Whatever it is you do, make sure you enjoy it...lifes to short right

Daily Practice

Create your daily practic of Movement, nutrition, live in alignment with your values, purpose and mission

Kokoro Yoga

Ancient movement, modern approach



Fit warrior

A strong energetic practice perfect to stoke an invigorating sweat

Zen Warrior

A practice to develop awareness of self,both internally and externally

Ageless warrior

Longevity practice with breath, qi and movement focus

Recovery Warrior

Recovery from the hustle and bustle of life with a practice aimed at restoration, and regeneration.

We Love Moving our bodies

Be it practicing Kokoro Yoga on the beech, doing a Kettle Bell Workout, or simply walking our doggies. We love helping folks find the BEST type of exercise and movement practice and coach our clients the hows, whats, and whys of movement

Where would you like to start your movement Practice


Learn how to integrate Kokoro Yoga into your daily routine

Functional Fitness

Train your body so it does all the things you need it too

They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result

Einstein said it best, so many people struggle with their health and fitness, eating the same crap, doing stupid exercise programs, or none at all, and wander through life lost, wondering why bad shit alwasy happens to them

The simple question you can ask your self is this

Is what you are doing right now working for you?

If you answered no, then don't worry, we got your back and we are here to help. Reach out and lets us help you get you on the right path


Train movement first, then do the fancy stuff

Daily Practice

Biuld your daily movement practice

Nutrition Coaching

Eat real food, mindfully and with joy 



A slice of Foodie Friday

The Move Kitchen Vol #1

1-2-1 coaching

Work with Liz or drew as your personal food coach

Group Coaching

We run regular group coaching programs

Foodie Friday

See what Liz has cooking in the kitchen everyFridayy

Online Courses

Try our ultimate Smoothie course or optimal recovery nutrition

We Live life according to our principles, passion and purpose

If you are not sure why you are on this planet, what you are meant to do, or how you can make a change in the world, large or small, then we can help you find direction.  Learning how to sit in silence, meditate and really listen to your inner self, you already have all the answers

Belive it or not you can train yourself to to align with who you really are and want to be. The Japanese call this Ikigai, the secret to a long happy life


What you love and what you are good at


What you love and what the world needs

The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

Meditation, taichi, Qigong and sitting in silence are all skill we teach to help you connect with your inner self. We just need to learn how to listen, witness, and contemplate our true self.


what you are good at  and can be paid for


What the world needs that you can be paid for

1-2-1 coaching

Work with Liz or drew as your personal  coach

Group Coaching

We run regular group coaching programs


People are confused on how to meditate, and why you do it...let us teach you

Online Courses

Stay tuned for online course heading your way soon


Im a total Nerd who loves being fit healthy, playing video games, watching movies and practicing yoga and tai chi 


I'm a health and fitness nutbag whose a tad obsessed with my puppies and making all da GOOD foods

Meet the Team

Hi there, welcome to our website, you can get to know our team here....

Drew is a bit of a nerd...he's like computer games and exercise on about equal footing. He's also an Exercise Physiologist and Acupuncturist and gets a real buzz from helping folks. When he's not practicing yoga, tai chi or some other weird exercise thingy you'll probably find him on the couch watching season 12 of Supernatural or something similar

Liz is out FOODIE guru...her happy place is in the kitchen making all the yummy food. As a  Personal Trainer and Massage therapist, Liz loves to help people get out of pain by teaching them how to use move bodies 

Daisy Dawg

My name is daisy Dawg and I love da walkies....did someone say walkies.....

Arya Dawg

Ok, Im actually da boss around here...thats why i get my own big picture..right. 

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